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We understand you are just starting out, on a quest to change your corner of the world.
We also understand that you'll want to leverage on software tools, to get better results.

Based in Nigeria, with a team spread out all over the world, we understand 'Small Businesses'. It's in our DNA. And we understand what it's like just starting out, needing all the help you can get.
We are sold-out on a mission to provide your 'small business' with all the software tech-power you need, to fly high.

Small Businesses

Let's make your business look 'pro'! With Informational, promotional, ecommerce, or personal websites, we'll help you hit that target.

Deploy AI

You might want to super-charge your businesses with Artificial Intelligence. We are Nigeria's first provider of chatbot solutions that meet and support business demands. Talk to us.


ebooks? audio books? Content creation? We've got you covered with our team of experts. They posses decades of experience in the field.

Everyone deserves help when just starting out.

Right from the first contact, we will engage with our team of excellent think-tanks to enable you finetune what solution will be best suited to your business needs. And Oh! The consultancy is Free.

Our Mission is to empower the 'small players' and help small businesses look 'pro' and grow.

It's a new world, and New Tools are here. Use them. Use them well.

Uncle Frank has a business, but he wants to advertise his products online. Hmm... having his clients pay online sounds great too. But he's not really a tech person. But he defnitely wants this baby to grow.

Scenarios abound like this. From authors, to institutions, to artisans, to...well... your peculiar needs.

We've identified and used myriads of simple solutions, and these new tools to put huge smiles on clients faces. We understand these tech tools, and we can help you apply the one best suited to your peculiar needs.


New Businesses, ideas, products and services need all the visibility they can get. Let's know how our expertise and software/IT skills can empower and help you out.


Informational, promotional, ecommerce, or personal, we give you professional websites that help you hit that target

Books. Authors. Content

ebooks? audio books? Need content creation and marketing support? Need Ghostwriters, content creators or lyrical talents? Our team of experts posses decades of experience.


We speak AI. And we are sure that embracing and integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions will meet and support your business demands

A Helping hand. Really.

If there is any resource or service we sincerely think you need, and we don't offer, we'll look it up in our information bank, and send it to you. Free.

2019 Girls Code Camp!

We organise short-term classes for youngsters to teach them how to write code. You see, we love sharing our skills and knowledge.

Basics matter too

Maybe it an excel sheet, or logo fix, or a database for the library, or help with a project. We can help with the basic stuff too.

Why choose us?

We want to help your business succeed with software solutions. We sincerely want to be part of your success story.

Simple Solutions

We believe in deploying simple solutions that will meet your product or business needs.

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Integrity & Trust

We keep our word.

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You First

Our solutions are customised to you and your business, service or product needs.

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Our Promise

Our clients are our friends. Even when the job has been done and delivered, we'll still checking up on you to make sure everything's ok.

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3rd Floor, Sijuwola Building | Wema Bank Building, Dugbe | Ibadan | Nigeria

tolu@codify.com.ng ; sanyaolufemi@gmail.com

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